Pay it Forward with Pumpkins!

So what does one do with some unused land on their property? They plant pumpkins.

That’s exactly what John McQuillan, Weldstar Branch Manager at our University Park location did in the spring. The result this fall was an abundant harvest of pumpkins!

Even after handing out pumpkins to Weldstar employees, there was still a large surplus. Weldstar truck driver Mike Marcukaitis mentioned the pumpkins to his wife, Sandie a school teacher at Trinity Academy in Kankakee. She came up with a “Pay it Forward” school project!

Her class of 30 students spent time using their creative talents painting and decorating the pumpkins. They later delivered their final projects to the residents of the Miller Retirement Community. The festive pumpkins definitely added some fall flavor to the community!

“Farmer John” stated that they are looking forward to an even bigger harvest next year…

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