Rod Lassiter 50th Anniversary

On this day, July 17, 2017 we recognize Weldstar’s Rod Lassiter, who was hired with the company 50 years ago today. (yes, we said 50 years ago). Rod is well respected in the industry and is just an all around great guy.

We are proud and fortunate that he is a member of the Weldstar family.

Congratulations, Rod!


  • Some facts and other less important events of 1967:World Series Champions – St. Louis Cardinals
    Superbowl I Champions – Green Bay Packers
    NBA Champions – Philadelphia 76ers
    Stanley Cup Champs – Toronto Maple Leafs
    U.S. Open Golf – Jack Nicklaus

    President: Lyndon B. Johnson
    Vice President: Hubert H. Humphrey

    Cost of a new home: $24,600
    Median Household income: $7,143
    Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $0.33
    Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.49
    Cost of a gallon of milk: $1.03
    Cost of a first-class postage stamp: $0.05

    Doritos first sold nationally as a basic corn tortilla chip in 1967, Nacho Cheese wasn’t sold until 1972, and much later Cool Ranch in 1986.

    Pringles were first introduced in 1967.

    Pink Floyd was recording their first studio album, The Piper At the Gates of Dawn, in EMI’s Abbey Road Studios (Studio 3). Meanwhile, the Beatles were working on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band next door (Studio 2).

    The first handheld calculator invented.

    Rolling Stone began publication.The first issue sold about 5,000 copies.

    1967’s Most Popular TV Shows

    1. The Andy Griffith Show (CBS)
    2. The Lucy Show (CBS)
    3. Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. (CBS)
    4. Gunsmoke (CBS)
    5. Family Affair (CBS)
    6. Bonanza (NBC)
    7. The Red Skelton Show (CBS)
    8. The Dean Martin Show (NBC)
    9. The Jackie Gleason Show (CBS)
    10. Bewitched (ABC)

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