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Positioning large components for welding and assembly using cranes, chains, grippers and slings is always time consuming and hazardous. Rarely is the assembly in an optimum position for the most efficient use of manpower or equipment. Repeated repositioning can impair production schedules. Repeatability of positioning and alignment, from assembly to assembly, is virtually impossible.

The proper positioner will offer a number of advantages:
• Improved weld quality
• Simplified tool access
• Consistent repeatable assembly procedures
• Higher productivity and reduced consumables
• Proper ergonomics with reduced operator fatigue and injury risk
• Higher throughput and profits

Headstock/Tailstock Units

Fixed headstock units with fixed or adjustable tailstocks and capacities from 8,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds. Standard vertical lift of 68.5″. Multi axis configurations are available. Units can be ordered with a variety of third party fixtures.

Single Column Positioners

Single column positioners with load capacities from 5,000 pounds to 2,500 pounds, depending on the overhang distance. Units can be designed with multi axis capability or heave capacities.  Standard vertical lift is 72”.

Custom Positioners

Multi column or mobile lift units are available upon request with capacities in the 100,000 pound range. Material handling units for bulk bag loading or unloading are available. See our photo gallery for some of the custom units we have supplied.


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