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Stub loss refers to the remaining end of an electrode that is not used. Business owners and shop managers see these lying around the shop every day. Everyone thinks that they’re just garbage, but
what they don’t realize is that those stubs translate into lost dollars. In some cases, yes, these stubs cannot be used. In other situations, the stubs are discarded because it is easier to start an arc with a brand-new electrode.

Stub loss dramatically changes the deposition efficiency of a particular electrode. For example a 5/32 6010 electrode has a deposition efficiency of 63.8%. This includes a 2 inch stub loss. By using the table below, you’ll notice that when stub loss increases, deposition efficiency decreases.

Stub Length 5/32″ 6010 % Deposit
2″ 63.8%
3″ 58.5%
4″ 53.2%
5″ 47.9%
6″ 42.6%

Now you’re asking yourself what is deposition efficiency?

Let me explain: the efficiency of a given electrode is the amount of weld metal actually being applied to the work piece. Our 5/32 6010 electrode with a 2 inch stub loss has a deposition efficiency of 63.8%. So for every 100 pound of electrodes used, 63.8 pounds of weld metal is being applied. If you buy 100 pounds of 5/32 6010,and your welder is consistently leaving a stub loss of 4 inches, what you thought was 100 pounds of weld going down is actually only about half of that. If your welding blueprints call for 100 pounds of weld metal to complete the job, you better plan on buying 200 pounds of rod. So you can see how stub loss adds up very quickly, and can affect your profitability. It is hard to believe something as small as those little stubs can have a drastic effect on your business and overall profitability.

What can I do about it?

The good news is that there’s usually something you can do about it.
Sometimes it’s just a simple conversation with your welders. Make them aware of how much money they are throwing away on a daily basis. Other times the simplest solution is to change the type of electrode or size that is being used.

Weldstar can recommend the correct electrode you should be using for your specific application. This is just one area where we can help you manage and understand your welding costs and efficiency to increase your bottom line.

Written by: Alex Carlson
Alex served our country in the Marines and is currently serving as our sales support specialist at our Aurora, Illinois office. Alex has been an excellent addition to our team and has over 6 years of experience in the welding and safety industry. He has completed the rigorous Miller Masters training program, as well as programs through Lincoln Electric, Pferd, Calumet Welding Center and Weldstar’s own training program.
You can reach Alex by calling our Aurora office at 630-859-3100

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