Sometimes it’s better to buy more

By: Alex Carlson
Oftentimes in our industry it is smarter to buy more when it comes to welding rod & wire. If you are going to use it, and have the space, why not pay less for the same material? Most of the time, buying a larger package quantity (bulk buying) will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. Let’s do the math:

On average, 10 pounds of 6010 5P+ electrode costs $4.44 per pound. If you move up to a 50 pound container, the price drops to $3.45 per pound. That’s a saving of $.99 a pound! For this example, let’s say your company usually buys 400 pounds per year. That simple switch to a 50 pound container is going to save $396.00 a year—And that’s just a small example!

More often than not we see companies buying thousands of pounds a year in smaller container sizes when they could be saving money that goes directly to their bottom line.

Speak with your local Weldstar representative today if you’re interested in switching to a larger package quantity and start saving today! Buying smaller is not always the best option if you’re interested in improving your bottom line, and at Weldstar, we are always looking for ways to help you save time and money.

Written by: Alex Carlson
Alex served our country in the Marines and is currently serving as our sales support specialist at our Aurora, Illinois office. Alex has been an excellent addition to our team and has over 6 years of experience in the welding and safety industry. He has completed the rigorous Miller Masters training program, as well as programs through Lincoln Electric, Pferd, Calumet Welding Center and Weldstar’s own training program.
You can reach Alex by calling our Aurora office at 630-859-3100



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