Welding fumes are a unique problem within the world of dust collection

“Welding fumes are a unique problem within the world of dust collection. Produced at high temperatures and full of harmful compounds, this very fine material can challenge a system that isn’t prepared to handle it. Under the supervision of a professional engineer, a system can be designed to fit the way welders in a facility work. It also can keep them healthy, prevent metal dust fires, and even save on heating costs. Shortcuts taken in setting up a welding fume collection system may end up costing fabricators in the long run, both in the health of employees and the potential damage to the facility. With regular maintenance, a well-designed system should do its job for many years, helping to keep people safe and productive.”

– from thefabricator.com, November 29, 2016

Weldstar Technical Representative Mike McQuillan recently reviewed a customer’s overall operation and made them aware of a problem with welding fumes and dust dispersement.

Mike provided the information the customer needed to eventually purchase the right equipment to accomplish their safety needs:

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“Hill Mechanical, prior to having the hood system, was cutting and beveling their pipe with their Vernon Pipe cutter in open space making sparks and smoke visible to the surrounding workers. With the knowledge of what was being put into the air from cutting and beveling the pipe, Hill Mechanical asked for assistance on any form of fume capturing. They previously had a portable fume extractor placed at the end of the pipe to collect what they could.

They now are capable of capturing all fumes from the source underneath their custom hood enclosed with (our drape and curtain supplier) Steiner red shaded overlapping curtains to enclose all fumes into the above hood where the fumes are then pulled into their Torit filtered collector.”

 – Mike McQuillan, Weldstar Technical Representative

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