Weldstar Supports Twin Lakes High School Robotics Team

Great job to the Twin Lakes High School Robotics Team and their coach, Kim Rosenbaum! We are excited to be a part in this new program.

Twin Lakes Robotics Team preparing for first competition

The Twin Lakes Robotics Team, Fearsome Gears, has officially kicked off its season.  January 6th was an exciting day for this rookie team.  Coach Kim Rosenbaum, mentors, and students traveled to Purdue for Indiana FIRST Robotics kick off, learning the task their robot must perform in competition.   This year’s competition is themed as an old school arcade game, complete with power cubes and leveling up.  Robotics students will need to build and program a robot that can successful gain control by transporting the power blocks to scales.  Additionally, their robot will need function both automatically with preprogramed action and then with the use of a driver using controls.  While learning his year’s challenge, the team received guidance and support from the West Lafayette coach and team.  Coach H. help was invaluable in understanding the rules and challenges of the competition.  Fearsome Gears has been invited to West Lafayette to use their arena model to practice.  This sharing attitude it a central part of Indiana FIRST’s philosophy of Gracious Professionalism.

The team has been consulting with Andy Baker of Andy Marks robotics and mentors from Purdue University in order to push forward.  Team leaders, Eli Roller, Devin Cardwell and Austin Abbott, have been working hard to learn the nuances of programming, building, and driving their robot.  Kim Rosenbaum reported that several community mentors have signed up to help, but the team needs more help, especially in the area of technology and mechanics.    She is very grateful for the assistance from community business leaders, such as Jeff Milligan, sponsor, from Baker Milligan CPA’s and Patrick Yoder, mentor, from Hibu.  These community members, not only provide finical backing, but also meet with the students and help guide them in their efforts towards success.

On March 10, the team is traveling to Penn High School in Mishawaka for their first competition.  All community members, staff, and students are invited to attend on competition day, March 11th.  We need all the support we can get; the team earns points for spirit; so supporter do have an impact on the outcome of the event.  How exciting?  Hopefully, Fearsome Gears will have a large support system to help drive them to victory.

Again, Fearsome Gears would like to thank their sponsors AndyMark, Baker Milligan CPA’s, Godlove Enterprises, and Weldstar for their generosity.   The team could still use sponsors and community mentors.  If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please contact Kim Rosenbaum at (574)583-7108 ext. 2342 or Rebecca Yoder ext. 2385.

Published in the Monticello Herald Journal, February 13, 2018.

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