Shield-Arc 85 3/32 Stick Electrodes (50lb Can)

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Product Description

*Item is sold 50 lb Easy Open Cans
AWS: E7010-A1

Top Features

  • For welding 0.50% molybdenum steel
  • Light slag with minimal arc interference
  • Deep penetration and superior puddle control
  • Clean, visible weld puddle
  • Capable of 480 MPa (70 ksi) tensile strength weld deposits

Typical Applications

  • API 5L X42 through X56 grade pipe
  • Cross country and in-plant pipe

Welding Positions: All

Product Features

Stock Location Aurora, Illinois
Weldstar Item #/s: LNR 85 3/32
Manufacturer Item #: ED012893
Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
Unit of Measure (UOM) CAN