Mixing Specialty Gases
for Chemical Applications

Industries – Chemical

Your chemical facility requires specialty welding gases and equipment that provide consistent and high quality results. Weldstar’s production facility outside Chicago receives continuous certification from an independent third party. Our specialty gas experts each have over 15 years of experience in the field, and can create the precise mixtures you require. We are also highly trained on all the latest standards and requirements to ensure your chemical operation runs with efficiency and precision.

Weldstar Supplies the Chemical Industry

While many industries require precision, the chemical industry requires reliable gases and safety equipment that you can count on. Our industry experts can help you select the specific gases, detection systems, and other products that are critical to you. Our experienced specialty gas experts follow strict procedures to ensure you receive the highest quality products for your chemical application.


Common Products & Services Supplied:

Common Industry Applications Supported:

Specialty Gases
Gas Detection Systems
Research & Testing
Chemical Engineering

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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