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Due to its close connection to the consumer, the food and beverage packaging industry requires gases and equipment that are of the highest standard and quality. At Weldstar, we understand that our food and beverage customers need to be able to rely on products that do the job every single time. Whether you’re starting a new venture or are looking for a company that understands you don’t have a margin of error, the Weldstar team of specialty gas experts can ensure accuracy and minimal downtime.

Weldstar Helps Food & Beverage Customer Meet Unexpected Demand

A large food and beverage customer in the Chicagoland area ran out of Food Fresh Nitrogen used to package their products minutes before our offices closed before a busy holiday weekend. Weldstar responded by scheduling a special delivery to keep our customer running at full production and able to meet the unexpected holiday surge. This type of individualized care and high level of customer service is what you can expect when working with Weldstar, and it’s why we’ve earned the trust of so many customers in the Food and Beverage industry.


Common Products & Serviced Supplied:

Common Industry Applications Supported:

Specialty Gases

Food Fresh Nitrogen
Food Grade Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Ethyl Alcohol

Food Packaging
Growing facilities

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