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University laboratories across the United States rely on Weldstar to provide them with precise specialty gases that allow them to conduct the kind of research that can create lasting changes in our world. We are proud to supply a number of universities and research institutions, and our specialty gas experts will work with your lab to provide the exact measurements you require.

Weldstar Responds Quickly to Critical Helium Need

Recently, Weldstar worked tirelessly to expedite the delivery of a specialty gas liquid helium cylinder that a local research facility was in dire need of. Liquid Helium is a specialty gas that generally takes several weeks to a month of lead time. Weldstar worked with the manufacturer to reduce this lead time to ensure that the lab stayed up and running and helped to avoid costly down time.  

Universities & Research – Providing the products and services required to support world-changing research and development

Specialty Gases
Liquid Nitrogen
Liquid Helium
Ultra-High Purity Helium
Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen
Atomic Absorption Acetylene
Atomic Absorption Nitrous Oxide
Safety Equipment & Supplies
Safety Gloves
Safety Glasses & Eye wear
MRI Machines
Research Laboratories

This is a sample of some of the popular products and services we provide to the University and Research industries, and is not intended to be a complete list.

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