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Weldstar is going green by offering paperless billing to our customers. If you would be interested in having your invoices emailed or faxed to you, please fill out the form and submit. Paperless billing requests will be processed within 5 business days.

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The portal is a self-service website for our existing customers that makes it easy to manage your account online. You can access safety documents, invoices, proof of deliveries, cylinder balances, and even place orders online.

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Why It's Easier Doing Business with Weldstar:

  • Average tenure for Weldstar employees is approximately 14 years.
  • Drivers and warehouse employees average more than 12 years.
  • Technical field representatives average more than 15 years.

Simplified Billing
  • No “hazardous material” or “governmental” compliance charges.
  • Monthly billing options for customers in good standing.
  • Paperless billing

Technical Representatives
  • In the field and at our customer service desk.
  • Continuous training on new products and processes in order to introduce new ideas and improve productivity.


Proactive Customer Service
  • Weekly reminder call for following day delivery.
  • Order forms with part numbers and package quantities specific to your account.
  • Even exchange cylinder maintenance – ensures consistent inventory, often reducing costs associated with handling.

  • One size does not fit all – We tailor our programs to best meet your needs.

Emergency support
  • Contact numbers for special after hour and weekend emergencies.

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